Thursday, August 10, 2006

Letterboxing Gods

yeah- the LBNA site is back up!!- anxious to get back out in the woods for a battle with ticks and stinging nettle in hopes of a victorious tupperware prize!!

I recently went to Opryland in Nashville on a book buying excursion for work and had to opportunity to letterbox in the hotel- yes in the hotel, this place is nutty, like a little city under glass. I attempted 5 boxes and found 1 missing, 2 just could not find but the 1 box I did find was so funny I thought I would share. Upon arrival and on my way to the conference area I had noticed a piece of the clues (oh course I studied these on the way down on the road) and made note to come back to that spot. It is easy to get lost and turned around in this massive place. After a few hours of book buying, some dinner, hot tub and drinks, the tourist started to fade and it was time to letterbox. A work companion and LB recruit and myself took off on the hunt, and went back to the spot I had seen, we were in hot pursuit as the clues started to fall in place (i love it when that happens) and as we came to the final clue we were so busy finding the clues that once we found the box, my friend looked up and the resting spot for this box was right outside our room!! Mind you there are close to 3,000 rooms in this place and the room that I got was right across from a letterbox!!!! Maybe it was the hot tub, maybe the mojitos, but it was so hilarious and I had a cozy place to stamp up! So the letterbox gods were smiling at me last week! So kudos to "she who plants" for some fun boxes at Opryland- I hope to find the other boxes I attempted the next time I go- definitely worth the stop if you are passing through Nashville.

I also recently got a pretty fun book called "carve your own itch" by Bob Clark that is really fun that I will try and bring to the next gathering, fun gallery to look at in the book-

I am just finishing up my eldest son's 5th b-day box series to be released in September and am ready for C2B2's challenge- game on

see you on the trail-mamaroots

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WyldBlueberries said...

Too cool, Mamaroots, thanks for sharing!