Friday, September 22, 2006

The BIG 200 Contest

As most of you are aware, our region is fast approaching 200 listings. Of course this doesn’t mean 200 boxes as we all know there are a good many LBs with unpublished clues (wink, wink). I feel this is a milestone which should not pass without some form of acknowledgement; there fore I give you The Big 200 contest.

The Big 200 contest is simple. Whoever plants the 200th LB in Mid-MO wins a fabulous prize (as always don’t think new car fabulous). In the event the 200th LB is planted outside of Mid-MO, that is Boone or Callaway for this purpose, I will award the closest box posted after the 200th for the region. I’ll make the judgment by counting up from the bottom of the listings page sorted by placement date.

As if we need any more incentive other than the addiction. Ready…Set…Go!


mamaroots said...

humm- how close are we to the 200??

Lnd-Crzr said...

We're at 154 listings.