Saturday, September 16, 2006

Changes for Two Old Boxes

If you are thinking of seeking either Three Creeks or Gone Fishin' letterboxes in the near future, you might want to print out the clues. These are the oldest boxes in mid Missouri and when I planted them, you could not post your boxes directly on the LBNA site. Instead you had to put them somewhere else and make a link. One of my sisters put all our clues on her letterbox page with her server. That is why the clues look different for those two boxes. Isn't it great what we can do at the LBNA site these days? Anyhow, she is changing to DSL and will no longer use that server, so those LB links won't work anymore. I'll start putting those clues into the new format in a few days or so.

You might want to wait a bit to hunt those boxes anyway, if you haven't already. I have both of the logbooks at home to scan the entries, so there are temporary logbooks out in the boxes till I get back to them. The Three Creeks logbook in particular has many entries going back to September 2002 - it's fun to look through.

So have fun 'boxing on these fine September days.

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Fox-fyr said...

I just pulled Jewell Cemetery and Devil's Icebox because they also need replacement logbooks. Jewell was on her 2nd logbook. This replacement will be number three.