Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mid-MO Fall Arts & Crafts LB Gathering

This is to follow up on a previous post. The date has been set for the Mid-MO Fall Arts & Crafts LB Gathering. This gathering has been requested for some time by the local LB community to explore and share all the arts and crafts that have gone into some wonderful LBs scattered about central MO.

The date will be November 4th from 10 AM – 4 PM with a potluck thrown in between. Each attendee is asked to bring a dish to share. As some of you may have read, or recall from being there, the Mid-MO LB community set the bar high by the fantastic fare they brought to the ’06 ‘There and Back Again’ gathering. Oh, how I love a good potluck!

If this is your first gathering, let me say, this is not a typical, meet-and-go-hunt gathering. This event will be more focused on workshops teaching skills folks have asked for. The workshops will be bookbinding (including Fox-Fyr’s famous piano-hinge), paper aging, codes and ciphers and stamp carving. There may be time for a few small impromptu classes if anyone has anything else they feel they need.

I hope to leave ample time for folks to get friendly and share tales of their adventures and have a bit of show and tell. So if you have some fabulous FF bonus, bring it along and let the others droll over your good fortune.

To receive the location (it will be held in Columbia) you must send me an RSVP. I ask that everyone do this so I can have a rough idea of how many to expect. If you’re not on a mailing list that just recently received an e-mailing similar to this posting, and you’d like t be added to THE list, simply contact me through LBNA and I’ll be glad to add you.

Looking forward to meeting all the new faces and seeing old friends.


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Goddess said...

Awesome! We are really looking forward to this gathering, there are so many things to learn!