Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since there are quite a few Hitchhikers tagging along in Mid-Missouri, I thought I'd take this opportunity to briefly remind people to remember to stamp and sign everything. I keep finding Hitchhikers that did not get stamped with the host letterbox stamp or which did not get stamped into the host letterbox. A good rule of thumb is to do everything twice. Consider the Hitchhiker as a logbook and stamp belonging to an invisible friend. Whatever you do, you should do for the HH also (i.e., stamp both the host LB stamp into both your logbook and the HH logbook, stamp both your signature stamp and the HH stamp into the host logbook, sign and date your name and leave a brief message in both the host logbook and the HH logbook). For more details, please see the HH article in the July 2006 archives.

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ahistory said...

A good reminder there. I admit I have forgotten to do this on occassion and I have found several HH's that did not have the stamp of the box in which I found them. So be sure to always check an HH before you take it and make sure it has been stamped in.
Also over the weekend I had two HH's in my backpack at one time. I wasn't sure what to do, but I went ahead and stamped each HH with the other HH making note of where they met. Was this the right thing to do?