Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rock Bridge State Park Question

This is not a LB question but I know that some of our bloggers are in the know. Has anyone ever went on one of RBSP cave tours? I have wanted to for several years and we are thinking of taking a group of guys from our church. I have checked it out on the web, but just wondered if anyone had an experience that they could share.


Lnd-Crzr said...

I'm a WCT (Wild Cave Tour) Leader in training and have been in the DIB a handful of time and can highly recommend a trip.

Fox-Fyr is a leader and can tell you in much greater detail all the ins and outs, but she's out of town until the first of next week.

E-mail me and I'd be glad to help in any way.


Sandi Staley said...

I highly recommend the Devil's Ice Box Wild Cave Tour as well! It is difficult in some areas, i.e. tight places, slippery terrain, etc., but I'm a girl and I loved every minute of it...I think you guys would get a kick out of it.

Grace to You

touchtrek said...

I am a Wild Cave Tour Leader as well. The Ice Box is a true treasure and has much to offer. The water passage is wonderful and unusual. The cave passages range from impressively large to pretty darn snug to impassable. There is an interesting variety of critters that inhabit the cave, and some of the formations are beautiful. Fox-Fyr is a great contact (and a fantastic leader herself), but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I have been fortunate to do some pretty cool stuff, and the Ice Box is one of the coolest. Mud rules!

ahistory said...

I was thinking of undertaking a tour but can never find anyone who is willing to sign up with me. Let me know if you sign up and perhaps I will as well. Everyone I know who has gone said it was an incredible experience.

ABS Family said...

I expected Fox-fyr might have some knowledge but I did not expect this much experience. It is too cool that us letterboxers have other like interests. I guess it is being outdoors. I smell a letterboxing splunking tour in the air.

Here is another question: What, if any, tour at level B would be better? There are several different tour routes listed on line. How about the size of the group? Is there a good number so there are not to many on the tour. Thank You guys and gals so much. We have such a good group of Mid MO Bloggers/Letterboxers!!!

Lnd-Crzr said...

Sorry Touchtrek! Touchtrek was the leader on my first trip and was fantastic! The skills touchtrek are legendary amongst other leaders. How coudl I forget?!?!?!

Fox-fyr said...

Ah..I finally have a few minutes to address some questions. The best place to find out all the basics of a Devil's Icebox Wild Cave Tour (DI WCT)is the state park web page:
There is a link from that page to the cave tour page, and some links from the cave tour page for further details (including descriptions of the various destinations). Any of the tour destinations are fun; some are wetter, muddier and involve more crwling/climbing than others.
Due to the presence of several species of endangered bats, you will have to wait for spring to sign up for a tour. The seasons each year are April 15-May 16 and August 1-October 8.
The tour size is limited to 10, first-come, first-serve, and they fill up extremely quickly in most cases.
Remind me when the spring season nears and I will let you know which dates I am leading, and perhaps Touch Trek and Lnd-Crzr will as well.