Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hello from newbie Hoof'n It

Hello! My husband and I are new to the LB world, and so far we love it. I have my boss/friend, J-Corn, to thank for introducing me to this unique venture that has been around for so long. He thought it would be something I would enjoy, and he was right! We have chosen Hoof'n It for our trail name because we love our horses and burros. We will be Hoof'n It from one place to the next.

We are from the Harrisburg, Mo area so have hit a couple places close by. We have not made it to Lady In Red's box in Harrisburg yet...that is going to be a today thing. Woo hoo!

To date we have found three total boxes, and think we found a spot for another but it is missing (we e-mailed the box placer). We ride motorcycles, so we are already planning on road tripping to some locations. We rode to the Union Covered Bridge Sunday evening and found a prize. This was our most challenging trip so far since people seemed to come in droves. Okay, there were only 10 or 12 others that showed up, but it felt like more. We also have visited Shelter Gardens (our first since I work there - and my boss told me about LB'ing), and Five Star Drinks - Eight ounces (our second one - great adventure!).

My husband and I are of the outdoorsy variety. We like to be outside, which is why my housekeeping skills are lacking. :-) He enjoys hunting, we both enjoy fishing, camping, walks, canoeing and kayaking. My sister has some land with a great cave on it, so we have really enjoyed learning more about caves. There are a lot of crawl spaces to explore, which have tested my claustrophobic tendencies, but it has been worth it. There are so many natually beautiful things in our State to explore and appreciate. Wish there was more time in a day to do it all. In between that, we both enjoy reading and our favorite board game is Scrabble (can't wait to start looking for the Scrabble series).

We also have horses, burros, chickens, rabbits, guineas, dogs, a cat, a couple fish, and we are trying to hatch out some duck eggs that we found in our barn. We also have a garden that we are going to try to keep weed free this year. Is that possible? We have doubled the size of it, so between that and the critters, we stay very busy.

I am looking for to meeting you all.

Hoof'n It
Brian and Karen


Lnd-Crzr said...

Welcome! Welcome! Great trailname.

I'm crertain you've already recieved the 'Practice Proper Re-Hideation' speel, but let me give the short version. Always compeletly re-hide a LB completely from view. Don't be tempted to leave it semi exposed for the next person. That robs them of their Ah-Ha! moment and puts the box in peril of being taken by Muggels or drug of by critters. Better to get dirty fingers uncovering a well hidden box than to have it go missing because of improper re-hideation.

Now that we're past that, welcome again and I look forward to finding your stamp. I wonder...does it have horses or burrows?

You may want to check out the mini-meet posted just below by Fox-Fyr. Personaly I love looking thorugh others' logbooks and this would be a great opportunity.


Hoof'n It said...

Hi Lnd-Crzr, we have seen your stamp! Love it!

I know what you mean about that Ah-Ha! moment. We hunted down 3 boxes today, and we went from that "Oh crap, where the heck is it?" to "Ah-Ha, here it is...very good!" We had a great day!

To answer your question about the stamp - simple answer of 'yes.'

I plan to be at the mini-meet and am looking forward to it.

See you then!

Hoof'n It

Hoof'n It said...

Oh yeah, I also had the "I have to stick my hand in there?" thought...would never say it out loud and have my husband remind me of that moment every chance he gets!

Have a great day!

Hoof'n It

Fox-fyr said...

xbpuawwjWould love to talk to you on Tuesday at the Mini-Meet ifyou make it there, especially about the cave on you property. Part of MY job involves leading cave tours at Rock Bridge State Park. I am also currently Vice=President of Chouteau Grotto (the local caving organization) if I didn't have enough to do between three jobs, letterboxing, and dancing and raising a passle of cats.

Jenny J said...

Welcome to the gang! Glad to know there's another gardener-critter lover amongst us.

Grace to You said...

We always take our toddler with us letterboxing because he is happy to stick his hands in the creepiest holes out there! j/k :)

Put some gloves and long, skinny metal kitchen tongs in your backpack. You'll be glad you did.

Welcome to the group!

Perdu said...

Welcome Hoof'n It!

Hopefully we'll get to meet at another meet (mini or not) as I will not be able to attend the one tomorrow...bummer.

If you ever get to the KC area, let me know and we can do an exchange, at least and maybe hit some boxes here.

I second Grace-to-you's recommendation about the gloves and tongs. I use gardening gloves that have the rubber coating on the fingers. Be careful just sticking your hand in a dark hole, not only is it just....EWW!...but there can be scared critters that might bite.

Anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome, hope to see you on the trail!


J-Corn said...

Welcome Hoof'n It. I think I may have to get busy, as you may now have passed me in numbers found. I am glad that you and the other hoof are enjoying this great hobby. I told you so!

I really enjoy the fact that you have a garden and chickens!

So that is why I had to stick my hand in the dark hiding place today. I will give you credit, you did offer to do it ... but now I can see the thought bubble over your head.

ahistory said...

Welcome to the group. Always good to get to know new trail names. I may be at the mini meet so I hope to see you there.
By the way Fox-Fyr, how many cats are there in your passle?


Fox-fyr said...

Hoof'n It: If was so great to meet you (at least half of you) on Tuesday, and exchange stamps. It's always cool to put a face with the name.

A-history: I have 1001 cats (if you count in base two) plus me.

(I couldn't resist; I saw a cool T-shirt this evening that said: "There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those that understand binary, and those that do not.")