Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Have you ever felt like this when finding a box? I thought you might be interested in such a thrill! Larry has been working on a series dedicated to his family. You may have already seen Play Well dedicated to our son Cole. He will soon be placing a box dedicated to our daughter and last night mine was planted.

This was my reaction to the find. Oh yes, this box is worth every bit of the reaction!

So to celebrate the love and care he took in placing this box, we will not be posting the clues live for a month. If you would be interested in a box that has A LOT of ciphering - in a high traffic - ultra sensitive location. Then email us at lady.busick at gmail dot com, we will send you the clues.

The safety of this box is of great importance due to the location. I hope to keep this box in mid-MO for a long time since it's located at a mid-MO treasure!

Keep on boxin'!

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ahistory said...

What a fun clue (if you love ciphers) and a great location. I enjoyed this one a lot. Well done.