Sunday, July 29, 2007

Devil's Icebox Wild Cave Tour

This is just a reminder that the letterboxer's trip into the Devil's Icebox Cave will be the first Friday of September (Sept 7) with a make-up date the first Friday of October (October 5).

If you are on the list, be sure to be thinking about getting the gear needed (headlamp, two other lights, cleats or other shoes with ankle support and excellent traction, non-cotton clothing, a small pack, gloves, kneepads, etc.). Time flies fast and you don't want to be caught unprepared. Equipment information and other details can be found at

I currently have the following people on the roster (did I forget anyone?):
Ahistory (paid)
One Mean Green Bean (paid)
E-volution (paid)
Mr. McMonkey
McMonkey Mom
Mrs. Nugglebugs
Lnd-Crzr (maybe)
I can take up to four more people.

If this is the first time you've heard of this trip, please check out the information about the tour before requesting a slot as it is a strenous all-day tour requiring special gear and special equipment. You have to be able to carry a 65-pound boat 1/4 mile over gravel and up or down stairs and travel 3.5 miles from start to finish, most of it on rocky, uneven and wet terrain, sometimes on your hands and knees. Fee is $25 per person. Minimum age is 14.


Hoof'n It said...

Hi Fox-Fyr, do I make arrangments with you or call the Park office? My husband and I would like to sign up if there is room. Thanks!

Fox-fyr said...

You need to make the arrangements with me. If you have already read checked out the website and understand what the tour entails, I will put you on the list.

I will need phone numbers, mailing addresses and date of birth for each of you. The mailing address I need ASAP so that I can send you some pre-trip information. There is some gear you will need to bring. Some of it you may be able to borrow from one of us if you do not already have it. Otherwise you may have to purchase it. I would also like to know what kind of prior caving and canoeing experience you have, if any (none is required).

Please contact me at difoxfire (at) hotmail (dot) com. There is also a $25 fee which I will need to arrange to collect before the event.

Hoof'n It said...

Fox-Fyr, just following up to make sure you got my e-mail yesterday with all the needed info.