Thursday, July 05, 2007

MIni meet update

Quite a few of us were able to make it to the mini meet and meet Team Ginkgo and one half of Hoof'n It . We had a grand time sharing stories and logbooks. I had to scurry off to do family things while the others went on for a cave tour and to attempt a few boxes in the park. Perhaps someone else will be so kind to let us know how the rest of the evening went
But here is a photo of the merry bunch before everyone split up for their adventures.


queenbusick said...

whoop whoop! Looks like a grand crew! I totally spaced about it until I was driving to the lake at 5:30 that night! guess I will go to the great land up north to meet team gingko!

ahistory said...

I was emptying out my bag today and noticed one small critter carved into PZ-Kut. No name, no logbook, or any other identifying marks other than the stamp itself which appears to be in the shape of a small cootie. I think this might have been one from team gingko but I thought I would ask.

Also all attendees, should check their bags for very small orange stamps all by themselves. I would have never found it if I would not have completely emptied my bag to make a repair.

J-Corn said...

Sorry I did not make it after all. We had to pick up our new couch by 5:30.

I look forward to another mini-meet some other time. I am glad you got to meet my friend Hoof-n-it.