Monday, July 23, 2007

Oklahoma bound

I will be traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma at the end of this week to visit in-laws and do a little more LBing in that area. If anyone is up for a raod trip, there is a "gathering" happening on Saturday from 10:00 to ??? in Chandler Park on the NW side of Tulsa.

It started out as a small mini-meet just to hook up with a few poeple, but it got placed on AQ and now it seems quite a few may show up (I have even heard rumor that Perdu may try and come). I will be sharing some exmaples of the fine boxing in Mid-MO by showing off some of my groovy FF prizes, Lnd-crzr's incredible hand printed clues, and of course my logbooks. They have even asked that I show them how I make my logbooks, so I will be passing on what I learned from Fox-fyr, Lnd-crzr and everyone else. The LB community ion Tulsa is much smaller than ours and most of the boxes that are not missing are placed by out-of-towners, like myself and SafariMan, who frequent Tulsa often during the year. But they are beginning to grow along with the rise in popularity of boxing.

Anyway, I don't expect any of you to come and I will be sure to share my time when I return, but I thought I would extend an invitation for any of you die hards who have the extra money to pay for gas and the extra time to travel.


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McMonkey Mom said...

I'm sure you will have a great time. Good boxin' to ye and safe travels.