Wednesday, September 05, 2007

City of Columbia Website

For those following the discussion of city/state policies on letterboxing, you may be interested to know that under the "What's New" heading on the the City of Columbia website (, there is a subheading titled "Geocaching & Letterboxing". The link will lead you to a policy section, a downloadable placement permit, and a Finder's Note to include in boxes.

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ahistory said...

Thanks for the notice Nugglebugs, and way to go Kat. I didn't read every word of it, but it looks like they adopted most (if not all) of the policy language that Kat provided. Now if only the state park policy poeple were so understanding and agreeable.

You also reminded me that I needed to submit my completed permit application for my School House Rock Series, which I just did at lunch. When I handed it in though, the lady really didn't know what to do with it, never having heard of letterboxing or the new policy, but I think she figured it out and hopeuflly it will go to the right people for approval. Once approved I guess I will need to go out and replace my own finder's note with the official city version. All and all not really a big hassle, I need to chek on them anyway.

Remember that city parks will allow you to submit one permit listing all of your boxes if you would like. Keep in mind that you may have to revise it if one of your boxes is not in line with their updated policy. If you have concerns about a box not meeting their guidelines, I would submit it on its own permit to avoid any complications with obtaining permits for other boxes.