Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Haunted Letterboxing

The air is getting crisper and the leaves are starting to turn. This is my favorite time of year. The McMonkeys would like to share a favorite holiday with all our trail buddies. The Haunted LB party will be held on Saturday October 20th. The party will start at 4pm. Bring your LB supplies. You never know what the haunted woods will hold! ;) Wear a costume. We will have a contest featuring a new car, I mean logbooks, as prizes. (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention!) Of course, this will require a potluck (Please, no nuts)so bring a dish to share. If you play an instrument feel free to bring it along. I love singing by the fire. We will have after dark surprises as well.

The party will be held at our house. I do not want to post directions here and need a head count. Please email me at McMonkeyMom@gmail.com for directions. I REALLY want to see you all there. We have a HUGE backyard and plenty of room for everyone. If you have ideas or prizes to share let me know.


AJMonkeyMan said...

RSVP is required for this event as my mother said just so we know how many letterboxers will be there. hope you can make it.


Fox-fyr said...

Did you say costume contest?
I love playing "dress-up."

Was there a pumpkin carving contest as well in that list?

nugglebugs said...

We're hoping to come, but the little ones in our family are pretty sensitive than others to blood and severed body parts...What is the scare/gore rating of the event on a scale of 1 to 10?

I don't intend for anybody to change their plans on our account...Just trying to decide if my kids would enjoy it or not.

McMonkey Mom said...

Scare/Gore will be in a separate area so you can avoid it if needed. I intend for this to be ultra family friendly so please bring all the bugs!

Lnd-Crzr said...

The boy and I are in. Can't wait to see the costumes this group produces!


Grace to You said...

This sounds like so much fun! Wish we could join you...I'm sure you'll have enough fun for all of us. :) Please take lots of pics and post them!!

We'll be going to our first New England gathering the following weekend near Portland...I can't wait to see what the group here is like! Wish me luck.

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