Friday, September 21, 2007


Anyone traveling to St. Louis this weekend knows that given enough time in the car, you will get thirsty. To quench that thirst, I suggest stopping at the "Double Arches" in Kingdom City on your way to the city of a single arch to pick up "Tortuga." And as a special surprise, come on inside and ask for the Captain or his First Mate (Larry or Robin.) You must then (in your best pirate voice) say, "Why's the rum always gone?" Perhaps you'll get some to go with your Coke...
For those of you that have already gotten your rum, the stamp has been updated and version 2.0 is aged much better.
Drink up!

L of the 5-B's


ahistory said...

Will anyone be there at around 7. That's when I plan to be traveling through.


McMonkey Mom said...

I will be there til 7pm on Saturday if anyone wants a drink on the way home!