Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Letterboxing 101 Help Wanted

I am conducting a Letterboxing 101 program for Girls Scouts at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park Saturday and am looking for a couple of volunteers willing to help. The current agenda is to provide a lesson on letterboxing, then have them carve their own stamps and go hunting for several temporary boxes which I will have hidden around the park, all within easy walking distance of Hickam Cabin. Since we will be breaking into small groups, and I can't supervise all of them at the same time, I am looking for volunteers willing to go along with the small groups and help them with interpreting the clues, being discreet, how to properly re-hide the boxes, etc.
There will be a lot of people in the park that day so being discreet is paramount.
Please let me know if you'd be willing to assist. You can post a comment here or contact me via LBNA or AQ. The program will be from 9 to noon on Saturday, June 28. You will, of course, also have the opportunity to stamp into all of the boxes.

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