Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend In Indiana, drowning letterboxes

We just returned home from 5 days in Indiana. We met my sister's family (Jesemiaud) for a weekend of letterboxing in southwest Indiana. What we did not know is that they received 14 inches of rain during the week. 2 more on Thursday night when we got there. 7 more on Friday night. 1 on Saturday. 2 on Monday. Boxes were washed away. Heck, entire covered bridges were washed away. Roads to letterboxes were washed away. The plan was to get 30 during the trip. We ended up with 13 boxes, 1 exchange, 1 postal, 2 personals, and 1 hitchhiker. They have a small community of boxers but they have several good boxes. We met one couple from there. They were very nice. They helped us out several times, with boxes and with weather reports. It was a bad camping trip BUT we are planning to go back again next year. It will be better ( IT WILL HAVE TO BE. IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE) and we will get the rest of the boxes in the area.


Fox-Fyr said...

24 inches of rain?
Wow. I'm surprised you got even 13 with that amount of water in the state.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Oy that a long trip! I think we need wealthy sponsors to fund some of this critical LB action.


salguod said...

Yeah, it was crazy. We (abs-family is my Brother & sister in law, I'm one half of Jesemiaud) found one box that had clearly been under water. It was in a group of rocks by a covered bridge and the weeds around it were all laid down by the flood waters. But the box was still there and dry.

We were prevented from getting the next box in that set due to two washed out roads, however.

We also had a nice river running through our campsite. The lake at the state park we were camping at was up 24' by the time we gave up and got a motel.