Friday, June 13, 2008

Letterboxing Road Trip

I just saw the new poll and was delighted to find I was the first to vote, although my answer was a bit tongue-in-cheek. :)

Seems like a good time to ask if there's any possibility of a NE gathering of the Mid-MO letterboxers this summer?

With gas prices what they are, I would be happy to provide room and board (which, depending on the number of people, might be an air mattress on the back porch or a tent in the yard...but the nights are cool here so that should be pleasant).

The trip is 1500 miles...round trip gas at 25/mpg would run around $500. Carpooling would help reduce that, and there are some great sites to see on the way...Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Niagara I guarantee your delight in the sites to see around here!

I'll keep the light on for you!


Fox-Fyr said...

I'll meet you in New York in July.


Grace to You said...

Okay, since the response is a bit underwhelming at this point, perhaps we'll wait and see what next summer looks like. :)

Hope next summer's gas prices don't make this summer's prices look good!

Linda said...

I'm not taking a road trip to box, but since I have to be on the road anyway, why not. Nice break from the monotony of the hwy. Most excellent time filler between required stops that are locked in on the calendar. Learned I can carve on the spot and leave an impromptu box.

Learned from a box yesterday that keeping some spare boxes in the car for maintenance and repair of boxes not monitored by someone close by is a good idea.