Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where Eagles Dare

"Where Eagles Dare" is temporarily unavailable. Drebbel went to check on it and was able to retrieve it from the floodwaters, apparently it was about four feet under water at one point in time. But thanks to the Lock N Lock box it was completely dry! While we wait out the flooding, the box and a couple friends are going to make a short trip to Maine.

Here are a few pictures for those of you who have found the box.


Grace to You said...

Congratulations, Lady in Red!! Thanks for the pictures...you made a lovely bride! Tell Drebbel he's a lucky man. :)

Fox-Fyr said...

Yay! I'm glad to see that the box was in a good enough location that it didn't wash away, and four feet of water is an excellent tribute to Lock and Lock. Now if they would allow sponsor road trips so we can all go letterboxing, life would be just peachy!
Nice pictures!

Drebbel said...

She's also a good cook.

I was very happy to see that my box didn't take a little canoeing trip, but the deep water excursion is a little appropriate, given my name.

Fox-Fyr said...

As in Cornelis Drebbel, the inventor of the submarine?

Drebbel said...


Monkey Mom said...

Congrats belatedly and well wishes for years to come both in LBing and marriage!