Monday, December 18, 2006

Favorite Games LB Contest

Before C2B2 departed on their epic adventure, they left the Mid-MO LB community a challenge. The entries I have had the pleasure of finding have been absolutely fabulous. If I’m not mistaken, the winner of this contest will be announced at the up-coming Winter Gathering.

I’m throwing out another contest to this fabulous community. It will not only generate more boxes, but also tap into one of my favorite aspects of LB which is being introduced to new things, in this instance, games.

Create a LB based on one of your favorite table games and bring not only the LB, but also the game (here’s the catch). At the gathering (date still yet to be determined as of this writting), everyone must earn the right to stamp in. How do you ‘earn’ the right? Simple…gotta play the game. Of course we don’t intend to play for hours and hours as some games can, but rather a few short minutes or long enough to get a good taste of the game. After the stamping/gaming has concluded, we’ll take a vote and the winner will receive a fabulous prize (as always, don’t think new car fabulous).

Duplicate FG (Favorite Games) LBs are fine as each person will make it with their own artistic flair.

To help spark the game themed boxes, take a look at the picture. There are at least 14 games here. Can you name all 14? Anyone who e-mails me with at least 10 gets a prize. Bonus points for all 14. Think now.



WyldBlueberries said...

Great idea, Crzr! What a great way to combine two of our favorite pastimes.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Please note, origionaly I had said there were 15 total games, but I was msitaken (unless you count me as a game). There is only fourteen and I have made the corrections in the post. Thanks to AHistory.