Tuesday, December 12, 2006

reminder for yule logs and some retiring boxes

Just a reminder for a very informal gathering next week at the Artisan in Columbia on Friday Dec 22 at 7:00 for some chai, or other libation of choice (I heard the chocolate martini's are pretty good!) and to share of the logs! My sons will be snoozing in their beds hopefully so this mama will be solo and hope some LB folks come by! No secret passwords needed, just look for the carving tool injured or inky fingers. Of course there is also that certain look in an LB'ers eyes, some say it is from being around the plastic tupperware too long- the PVC toxins eeking into our system, or maybe just the countless hours solving decryptions, or maybe justing thinking up fun and clever ways to send other folks out in the woods in search of the sacred lock n lock! Either way if you are new to the group I think you will find us! Remember to do some research on personal travelers- maybe there will be some LB action to boot!

Also I wanted to remind folks that I am retiring my 3 boxes for the "now you see it now you don't challenge" - Use Your Noodle, and Nancy will officially retire by 4:00 on Thursday Dec 21- maybe they will travel a bit, maybe not, that is left to be seen, but if you want to get these boxes before they are gone- time is ticking . . . tick . . .tick



Fox-fyr said...

I've got the day off work that evening so I will definitely be there (with both of my logbooks)and maybe a few surprises of my own.

Anonymous said...

We will be there. Kids are on Christmas break and are looking forward to it. I am REALLY going to try "Noodle" and "Nancy" before then...but my time is running out. Hmmm...LB's or shopping and wrapping? Hard decision. (Not really, when one is work and the other play!)