Friday, December 15, 2006

Mid-MO Winter Gathering

Greetings all. It appears there is going to be a grand crowd at the Artisan on the 22nd...and lots of surprises!

I'm looking ahead and wanted to throw out a date of February 3rd (Saturday) for the Winter Gathering.

We'll celebrate the return of C2B2 and a few milestones. Potluck of course (wouldn't pass up an opportunity for a Mid-MO feast!). Lots of browsing logbooks, sharing of stories and certainly a few surprises. It should help get us through the winter and eager for spring.

Fox-Fyr has done a bit of leg work and has a big room at the Columbia Library reserved for us, I believe from 10-4, though we might not use it the whole time.

After I get some confirmations on the date I will set it in stone and let everyone know for sure.

See you on the 22nd.


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