Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just a reminder

I know there is still some snow on the ground which may deter many a Mid-Mo letterboxer, but in case cabin fever has struck you hard and you are planning to get out and try and find a box or two this weekend, please keep this in mind.

A half-dozen state parks will be closed this weekend for special deer hunts. Locally I know Rock Bridge and Three Creeks will be closed, but there may be others I missed. So, if you plan on doing some non-deer hunting this weekend, be sure and double check before heading out.



Clyde Bentley said...

And if you are out anywhere in the woods during the season, wear a blaze-orange hat and vest.

Not carrying a gun makes it more likely, not less likely, that you will be mistaken for legal game or injured when you are unseen but between hunter and deer.

It's a good time for carving. We get the woods the rest of the year.

ahistory said...

Thanks for the reminder Clyde. A very important point to remember and one I forgot to mention.

Even out of season, I still carry one of the small plastic bright orange vests in my backpack at all times just in case I need it.

These next few weeks would be a good time to check out some of the contest entries that are located around town in much safer areas.

Fox-fyr said...

I second Ahistory's point that this winter is a good time to check out the entries in C2B2's "Now You See Me, Now You Don't contest." It will be difficult to vote on a true winner if you haven't seen all the entries. Voting will be at the Winter Gathering, Feb 2006---watch for details. (Plus, having found all the ones listed below, I know there are some lonely boxes out there that could use a visit to cheer them up).

Below is a list of the boxes which I think are in the contest. Please correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm missing any.

Sun, Sea and Sky by Fox-fyr
Home Tweet Home by Fox-fyr
Oracle by Touch Trek
Promenade by Touch-Trek
Gemini by Ahistory
Ode to Charlotte by Ahistory
WagonWheel by Ahistory
Nancy Drew by MamaRoots
UseYour Noodle by MamaRoots
Mud, Strings & Artful Things" by Jenny J
Frog in a Box by C2B2 (missing)
General Omar Bradley by ABS Family

At least four of them are "indoors" in case weather or hunting is concerned, and another four or so definitely in urban areas.