Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Rockstar in our Midst!

As those of you who attended the fantastic fall arts and crafts gathering may recall, I posed a slight challenge - mostly in jest - to two of our fellow letterboxers. That challenge was simply to locate a box, which had been planted in a park, with no clues. Though I told them which park the box had been planted in, I told them no more. I'm happy to report that, though I had my doubts, this feat has been accomplished! The box was found -sans clues- by a 'rockstar' fact, an entire family of rockstar letterboxers! A great big pat on the back and a very loud "rock on!" goes out to GraceToYou for doing the impossible!

The origin of this strange challenge came on an early fall day that found me out strolling through a small neighborhood park looking for the perfect place to plant a box of my own. When I thought I had spotted the ideal location, I moved some debris and found - much to my surprise- a letterbox already inhabiting the spot! It was an unposted box planted by none other than GraceToYou! Word spread that I had literally stumbled upon an unposted box and Foxfyr began a quest to find this most mysterious of mystery boxes. When I heard that she too found the box without clues, I was astounded by her extreme dedication and incredible sleuthiness (we'll just pretend thats a word)! Now I know that we've got world-class letterboxers around these parts, but letterboxers who can find boxes even without clues? Wow!
I wanted to see if this incredible feat could be done again, so I planted a box and withheld the clues. At the fall gathering, I slipped a piece of paper with the name of a park written on it to Foxfyr and GraceToYou. With nothing more to go on than a few irritatingly ambiguous answers to their questions, they were off!

I'm happy to report that GraceToYou deserves a hot chocolate - because thats what rockstars drink!


Fox-fyr said...

Congratulations, Grace to You. Alas, I have been all work and no play this winter, and had only one opportunity to look for the box (without success); there were a lot of prying eyes out that day, too.
And even if I did have time, there's no way I'm going to find it under over a foot of snow (is is legal to put two words that mean opposite things right next to each other in a sentence: "under over?")--Fox-fyr

Sandi Staley said...

I don't know about "under over," but "over-under" is a gambling term, which of course means it's pefectly acceptable. :) As for the box, I have to give credit to the adult male component of Grace to You for finding it...especially since I keep being reminded of that fact. LOL