Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Letterboxing

Ten hours of shoveling snow (oh my aching back) just to clear a path wide enough for my car to get out of the driveway, (it's a long driveway), and I got the car stuck three times, and had to get out a rear passenger side window because the doors were either frozen shut (as was thedriver's side window) or blocked by thesnow bank I drove it into, and I still can't go anywhere because my CR-V rides too low to clear the fiften inches of snow in the road. The snowplow is just now coming through at 5 p.m. on Saturday so maybe the adventures of the last two days will not be repeated tomorrow. Still, I learned some valuable lessons.

Lesson One: When snow is in the forecast, park the car closer to the mailbox rather than closer to the house
Lesson Two: Don't assume your car will back straight backwards just because you want it to.
Lesson Three: Keep the snow shovel in the vehicle so you don't have to hike back for it each time you get stuck
Lesson Four: Always time your road blockages at about the same time your neighbors are returning home so that they had help dig out your car and push it back in your driveway
Lesson Five: Stay at home and carve stamps and make logbooks anddecrypt clues. It's much safer than trying to go out and get to work.


ahistory said...

Or you can avoid it all if you buy a Jeep. I only got stuck once for about 2 minutes on Friday and that was in an unplowed parking lot [I think I was the only employee to make it to work on Friday in my entire building complex]. I don't know if you could call it stuck since I never left the cab but instead locked both axles and crawled on out.
Next time, give me a holler, I'd be glad to come over and pull you out.

Anonymous said...

My hubby made it to work on Friday in our 4WD Tahoe. He had to be on the air telling everyone else to stay home! I have settled in and only been out twice since last Wednesday. I am ready to make like a bear and hibernate. Happy decoding!

Lnd-Crzr said...

I think lots of folks left the fall gathering with new ideas and are taking advantage of this snowy time to make things which will appear in the spring, or perhaps at Mamoroots' social at the Artisan.

Keep warm!

ahistory said...

I agree Lnd-Crzr, I know I have brought a few ideas to life these last few days.
Another thing to keep in mind is that there are a few LBs that are located indoors (most are entries for C2B2's contest) so there are still a few letterboxes that can be found now that the roads have been cleared. I plan on trying an attempt on a couple tomorrow if I get the chance.
Happy carving!!!