Friday, August 03, 2007

The Silent 401

I don't know if anyone noticed but according to an LBNA search of the state, Missouri jumped to 401 boxes today. If you started boxing today, you could find one box a day and it would be next fall before you found them all and with the pace of plants continuing to increase it could be 2009 before you get done. And we all know there are a bunch of WOM clues and uncounted boxes not tracked on LBNA or only found on AQ. So I estimate there are at least 500-600 actual boxes out there. And that's just in our home state. Yeah sure, some clues are lame, some stamps store-bought, and some hunts, well they just plain suck; but, a journey is exactly that and the experience is more often than not, well worth the effort. Anyway, I just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS for passing 400 to all the boxers who have planted in Missouri. I mean we are no Maine with its 643 boxes but we're getting there. LOL. Way to go guys!!!


Grace to You said...

Quantity is not equivalent to quality! :) I have a feeling the Mid-MO letterboxes and letterboxers are going to be a hard act to follow for anyone.

Fox-fyr said...

Actually, I double-checked, it's currently 403 LISTINGS, not boxes. Some of those listings have multiples boxes (though sadly some of those boxes are missing).
Still, Ahistory's point is well taken. As is Grace to You's comment.--Fox-fyr