Friday, August 10, 2007

Back From Wis

My Mother (McMonkeyMom) and I have returned from our "northern adventure". Well actually we have been home for over a week now. But this post is to tell you of our adventures boxing. We got a box which was on the land of a historical marker. It had to do with a Tornado of Fire. Many people ran into a field at this Historical marker and were burned to death. A little intense if you ask me but it is history for this fire changed Door County from lumber making to agriculture. That is how drastically things changed with this fire. The stamp in this box had 2 stamps. You colored half of it red and half of it orange. then the second stamp you put on over it. it was all black and so it make the image has background color in it. I thought it was a wonderful idea. The Shipping canal series we got was right down the street of a coastguard station. We walked along the water with my Aunt and uncle and their cute dogs Truman and Isabel. we had to do some bush waking on the first box due to the fact that all of us walked right past the box and didn't realize it. then we continued down the road to get the remaining 2 boxes. The last one was 2 pill cases taped in camouflage. We hit a box at Cave point which is a basically cliff into waters down below. but there is plenty of room from the parking lot to the water. This box is the oldest box in Wisconsin and it was placed I believe in 1998. It had all of its original log books in the box. We got a couple on an island (Washington Island) We had to hike quite a bit for those but that was ok because it was worth the hike. I also tagged along with my uncle to do some geo cashing and let me tell you geo cashers have it made. They use a GPS which uses satellites to tell you where the geo cash is. EXACTLY where it is. so they know if they are in the wrong place. Laugh Out Loud. Anyways all and all Wisconsin was a blast. I know some of you guys went on adventures of your own. Let me know or better yet post something to let everyone know. I want to hear how every one else's little Quests went.



Fox-fyr said...

Wow. A box that's been in place since 1998. That would have been something to see. I love looking at boxes with a long history and seeing what has transpired over the years.
Sounds like you have a good time.

Lnd-Crzr said...

A grand time indeed. Curious, was the one box from 98 still on its first logbook, or were there more than one?


McMonkey Mom said...

There were actually three logbooks in the container. The first being the original book. It was interesting to read what people wrote over the years. Lots of people just signed in without a stamp. In 2001 or so someone from Fulton, MO signed in! No stamp and I don't remember the name. We had a good time boxing in Wis.