Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Permits Expiring

FYI, there are several boxes at Rock Bridge State Park and related sites whose permits will be expiring this fall. Essentially, the park superintendent has allowed the boxes to remain in place for two years (which is twice as long as they are normally allowed to stay in one location according to the permit). However, I do not think he will allow them to remain in the same place for a third year. Therefore, if you have not yet found them, you may wish to make finding these boxes a priority. They include Jenny J's Box of Leaves #1, the last part of my Five Star Drink series, Buried Jewells, and possibly others (check the placement date on LBNA for anything about to reach two years old or older placed by Lnd-Crzr, Ahistory and/or Webfoot).

Ahistory and I (and anyone else who is interested) are working on submitting suggested revisions to the policy. I have spoken with Barb Wilson who is on the Division of State Parks policy committee and is the primary contact for any revisions to this policy. She is willing to sit down and re-examine the policy, but given the nature and speed of state agencies I doubt if any changes will become effective before the permits on the above-mentioned boxes expire. Please let me know if you are wanting to work with us on suggested policy revisions. I hope to have something available to submit by September. Let me also know if any of you are willing to rite letters, and we can discuss letter-writing tips and suggestions.

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ahistory said...

My permits have all been renewed through next year, so you have until the end of next summer before I have to move or retire my boxes out at Rock Bridge. My box on the Katy shouldn't reach the limit until spring 2009.