Monday, August 06, 2007

Reminder: Short,Sweet and Sassy contest

This is just a reminder that you have about a month left to comeup with an entry for the Short, Sweet and Sassy contest. See July post for details. The prize is a first-finders tome with clues to several new boxes in the area. So far there are only two contest entries, one by Ahistory and one by Lady in Red. I think these contests are a great way to develop letterboxing skills (and it means more quality boxes for mid-Missouri as well).--Fox-fyr


queenbusick said...

we've got one done..and is it ever SASSY - the darn thing won't stop mouthing me on my kitchen counter 'when are you going to plant me? I don't care if it's 110 - get me out there - I got things to do!' Wish the darn sassy thing be a little sweeter!

ahistory said...

Is there any possibility of extending the planting deadline by a few weeks? I have another entry for the contest but it is taking longer than I expected to work out placement.

Fox-fyr said...

The planting deadline is not hard and fixed. It is just set to give people enough time to find the boxes before the winter gathering. By all means take a little longer if you need it.