Thursday, August 23, 2007

Missouri Skies

Howdy Ho Neighbors,

Have I got a box for you. A new box name Missouri Skies has been placed in Columbia for a limited time only. After Aug. 31st it will be re-located, and probably not in Boone County. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case your itchin to go somewhere close.
Have fun!
Larry of the 5-B's

Missouri Skies


ahistory said...

Great box, stopped by on the last day of festivities. Came back later to see the final night of ballooning but it seems the balloons were delayed by a letterboxer no less. Had to get the kids home for bath and bed so we couldn't see them but I'll be sure to hit the ballumination next year. We were in K.C. on Saturday or I would have been there. Thanks for the box and fun.

queenbusick said...

If you've attempted this box with no luck, we verified that it's still in it's location.

Keep boxin'!

Fox-fyr said...

Do you think you can wait until after this weekend to pull it? I've been trying all week but it's been too busy to attempt.