Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dwarfs! Contests! and AC!

Greetings good friends! As some of you may have read, or heard, on our adventure to Colorado we ran across a series of Tolkien boxes planted on aptly named Mount Doom. We were very fortunate to meet the owner who started this series. Most of you will recall my own love of Tolkien and perhaps a few of you may recall the ‘There and Back Again’ gathering of 2006. Always looking to keep busy I asked if I could create a few boxes to add to her already fantastic series. The offer was taken and I began carving as soon as I returned. Now the stamps are turning out very well in my opinion and I started becoming a bit sad to think that I wouldn’t be able to share them with all the fabulous folks that make up the Mid-MO LB community. Then I had an idea. I propose to have a dwarven (and possibly a few others, to be sure at least one hobbit) send off party! No need to grow your beards long, but there is a catch! We all love FF bonuses and I have often left FF bonuses for the first 5 folks or so. Your mission (or we could call it you admission!) to this little dwarven send off party is to create at least one FF prize related to The Hobbit. Naturally, we’ll make this a contest which we’ll vote and award fabulous prizes (as always, don’t think new car fabulous). The FF prizes will be bundled up along with a special Dwarven Send Off Party logbook and sent to Colorado. Those that complete this series will find a final box with our logbook and all the prizes of which they can choose one (one prize) and look through the party logbook and catch a glimpse of our fabulous community. All FF bonuses will be wrapped, so picking one will be like opening a surprise present. Please be sure that your name and contact information are included in/on your entry.

So what happens at a dwarven send off party? Well, everyone who attends, and brings a FF prize will be entitled to stamp the stamps I’ll be sending to CO. Just how many? If you know the story of There and Back Again you’d know that it is at least…wait! I sense a contest here. The first 3 folks who send me the correct guess of AT LEAST how many stamps will receive a special prize. Can you claim these stamps as finds? Hmmm…I’ll leave that up to each individual, though you won’t see any of the logbooks at this point, which we all know can be half the fun. We’ll also do a quick vote and prize awarding for the contest.

Time, date and location have been confirmed, though the out of town visitors we thought might make it, won’t. Date is Saturday September 1st at 11 AM in the Columbia Library, Conference Room B.

If you can’t attend, but the thought of stamps of short fellows with beards has you salivating, don’t worry! I’m willing to open this up even to mail in entries. So if you can’t make it, go ahead and make you FF bonus for the contest (remember, these will be sent along to CO and must pertain to The Hobbit), send them to me (or make arrangements for delivery)and in return I’ll enter them into the contest and stamp the stamps and send them to you. How easy am I?

In a Nut Shell
Saturday September 1st 11 AM Columbia Library
Dwarven Send Off Party
Want stamps? Enter contest.
What Contest? Create FF prize related to J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’.
We’ll vote on the FF prizes. Winner receives something groovy.
ALL FF prizes will be shipped to CO along with the dwarfs, so be prepared to part with it.
Potluck! Dwarfs like good grub.
Got a clue regarding how many stamps? E-mail me.

Time is short!



ahistory said...

You said the magic word...AC. I wouldn't miss this send off for the world. Now I guess I should get busy on my FF contest entry.


OneMeanGreenBean said...

I'm so in.

Fox-fyr said...

The actual meeting room is Conference Room B. This is not the big room in which we met for the Winter Gathering of Games but is a smaller room located next to it on the first floor between the cirulation room and the stairwell. We have access to the kitchette.
I will bring a main dish.