Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A little chaos, a little mayhem, and a lot of Colorado!

Written by Lnd-Crzr with occasional creative collaboration and editorial advice from OneMeanGreenBean.

As many of you know, OneMeanGreenBean and I were fortunate enough to spend two dazzling weeks roaming through Colorado this summer. Our only plan was to go Colorado and be back by July 30th, the rest was foot loose and fancy free. Our original intent was not to box our way completely around the state, but to simply hike, climb, backpack and visit old friends, and if a few boxes were hit along the way, so be it. Our first stop was at an old HS chum’s house in Evergreen, just northwest of Denver. We found the LBs there aplenty so we couldn’t help ourselves. We started with a long series which looped about the area highlighting many of the local points of interest, both historical and of the natural wonder kind. In Golden, we had prearranged a meet-and-greet with some of the locals and were surprised to meet seven splendid boxers from the Front Range. They regaled us with fantastic tales of wondrous boxes in the hills near Grand Mesa and of a legendarily nasty pirate whose boxes are as stupendous as her swashbuckling skills. After a few days of boxing around Golden, accumulating 22 boxes, we headed west with our sights set on Mount Doom, high atop Grand Mesa. After a few stops along the way, we found ourselves camped within the realm of a hotbed of Tolkien inspired boxes. Adventures ensued and we descended off the mesa and Mount Doom having claimed another 7 boxes. An all too brief meeting with the magnificent pirate herself proved to be a highlight of the trip. 5 boxes more and we were again on the road, our next destination…Durango. Durango provided another meeting of two more wonderful local boxers and the opportunity to find a plethora of boxes. Two days later we had visited the beautiful mountain town of Silverton, explored Durango in depth, and bagged another 12 boxes. It was somewhere near this point that we counted the boxes we had found. Including stragglers, we realized we were at 49 boxes found. Neither of us are the sort to dash through and gobble boxes, but Letterboxing was fast proving to be a fabulous way to explore the state. Nearly every box lead us to beautiful and interesting spot that we would have never seen otherwise (which happens to be one of our favorite aspects of LB). We decided that seeing 100 interesting spots would be grand! And thus we named our quest the Chaos and Mayhem tour, during which many boxes were snagged, many adventures were had, and many turnoffs were driven by and quickly regained via a maneuver known as the ‘U-ie’.

So intrepid reader, did we manage our goal of seeing 100 terrific spots which happened to hold hidden Lock n’ Lock? Did we resort to living off snack crackers due to lack of funds? Were gators seen in the desert? Did Bob Dylan serenade us as we battled rattlesnakes in the dark? Tune in next time for the next installment of The Chaos and Mayhem Tour; CO 2007.

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AJMonkeyMan said...

That sounds like a blast. My Aunt and Uncle where recently in Colorado and manage to snag a few boxes as well. Glad you guys had a good time!