Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The BIG 200 Contest Winner

Drum roll please…and the winner is….AHistory! I know many folks have been eyeing the regional total in anticipation of hitting the 200 and it’s been done in grand style with what appears to be a very clever series that I know young and old alike will enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who continues to make Mid-MO a world-class LB community with their wonderfully artistic and creative LBs.

AHistory will receive something for his accomplishment, though at this point it is still a secret (or undecided). Once he receives it maybe he’ll post a picture of it.

Well done AHistory…and just before the morels too!



McMonkey Mom said...

Zowie! We got to be first finders on the 200th box. I had no idea! It is a really fun hunt especially if you sing the songs as you go! Congrats ahistory. Here's to the 200th and many more!

Fox-fyr said...

Maybe with morel season keeping Ahistory busy, the rest of us may have a chance to be first finders on the next few boxes planted ;) though I am sure it won't be me--I was working on my July calendar today as April, May and June are already pretty well booked.