Thursday, March 08, 2007

Letterbox Spring Maintenance

Spring is here (almost!). That means people are starting to hit the trails again, especially after the unusually cold and bitter winter we've had. For those of you who have one or more boxes planted, this is also a good time to check to see how well they survived the winter ESPECIALLY if they are near a trail or somewhere easy to stumble upon. I found one yesterday that had either slipped out of the log in which it had been placed or had been improperly re-hidden or both. In any case, it was in full view of the trail. ALWAYS re-hide so that no part of the box is visible. Don't be tempted to leave a piece exposed to make it easier for the next finder. On the flip side, I went to check on a few other boxes and found them all excellently hid. Thank you (especially to Ahistory whose gets an A+ for his re-hideation of Trillium, Trillium. It was hidden so well in the EXACT PLACE I had left it that at first I thought it was missing).

And for everyone, when you're out hunting, it's a good idea to bring along some extra Ziplocs, and maybe even an extra logbook or extra sheets of paper if you find a box where moisture has taken its toll on the existing logbook. Above all, please CONTACT THE PLACER and let us know the status of our boxes. I know those of us with multiple boxes or boxes that are difficult for us to return to would especially appreciate it.

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