Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Family Fun Article

Family Fun magazine has had small blips about LB before, but a friend drew it to my attention that a full fledged article was published in th September 2006 issue.

It is 5 full pages with the first two being a full spread with a huge title "Let's Go Letterboxing' splashed across a picture of a family hiking across a waterfall. Lots more pictures than words, but it does a pretty good job of introducing the hobby and emphasis the family fun aspect as well as how easy it is to get started.

The article was written by a family who lived in MA and moved to England where they discovered LB. Once addicted to Dartmoor they realized they had been hiking past LBs in MA for years.

My one complaint was that they didn't emphasize 'proper re-hideation'. At the end of the story they had a box with 'How to Plan Your Own Outing' with several blips. The last one was 'Practice Responsible Letterboxing'. "Try to disturb the enviornment as little as possible, and always take your belongings or trash away with you. Be discreet (try not to let nonletterboxing 'muggles' see what you're doing) and be sure to put the boxes back just the way you found them". -Aili Peterson

I'll bring it to the gatheirng if folks are interested.

Ah-Ha! Found a link.




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