Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's in a name?

When Cecile and I started letterboxing lo these many (3) years ago, a trailname was often a somewhat secret identity -- some boxers worked hard to make sure you never associated their personal stamp with a face.

Now it is more of a shorthand means of logging a find. It is much easier and much more fun to stamp C2B2 and a speeding dog into a book than to merely write my name. We now meet face to face often and address each other by our real name. Many -- me included -- sign our real names under our stamp.

So what are the protocols these days? I rather like our moniker, as it stands for both Clyde and Cecile Bentley -- neither first, neither last but as one unit. I think of it more as a family brand.

All this comes up now because we are buying a new car. Our shiny black Prius will have custom chrome wheels, but I would also like a custom license plate. The first "number" that came to mind was C2B2.

So what do you think? Does having that on my bumper spoil the sport any more than "Bentley", "TwoCs" or "ltr-bxr" (I don't really plan to use the latter)?

Please comment quickly -- the tax break for hybrids expires Sunday.


McMonkey Mom said...

I like C2B2. It's still somewhat of a "secret society" and not that many people would know that it is really your trail name. Besides it would look good on the plate! It is so balanced. I like it a lot. I laughed when I saw "ltr- bxr" It took me a moment to figure it out. My husband works for BXR radio and now THAT has a whole new meaning to me!

Lnd-Crzr said...

I'd agree that having C2B2 on you plate wouldn't spoil a thing. I'd say your secret identity would be pretty safe.

ahistory said...

I agree, I never really understood why people are so secretive with their trailnames and stamps. I think it is more of an individual decision about how discreet you are with these things. It seems like the secrecy is more a relic of boxing on the moors in Europe.

If you put C2B2 on your license plate, I bet most muggles will just think it is some new band or something. It sounds kind of like a rap group to the uninformed. And you can always maintain secrecy you can always use the cover story that you were just wanting to put your inititals on your license plate like everyone else and CB CB was already taken.

Fox-fyr said...

I tried to get Fox-Fyr on my license plate. Apparently it's already taken by someone so I went with D'Fxfyr (my last name is DiFoxfire). That means someone else is out there is driving a car with my trailname on it. :(

Lnd-Crzr said...

I understand why some folks keep their 'true identity' a secret. I loev wondering about the people behind the stamps I find in lobgooks. And picking up little hints they leave about themsleves. I like the secrecy of it. I'll never forget the first Mid-MO gatheirng and meeting C2B2 and JennyJ for the first time. Meeting someone is certainly part of the 'Ah-Ha!' factor for me.