Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering Announcment

I trust everyone who RSVP’d me pronto quick has received their invitation regarding the spring gathering. If you think you should have received one and have not, please send me e-mail.

Just because you didn’t receive an invitation doesn’t mean you’re not invited.

The Third Annual Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering is open to any and all. Invitations (handmade jobs) were sent out the first 15 folks who RSVP’d me.

So here is the info, in a nut shell, for everyone else interested in attending.

When: Saturday May 5th, beginning promptly (unless I am late) at 10 AM and officially running until 4 PM. Staying this entire time is not mandatory. I do however suggest being there at noonish, as you wouldn’t want to miss our famous potluck luncheon and this will be the time that we do the exchange and judge one of the contests (more on that in a moment). I’d also suggest staying until four, as some goodies will be given away.

Where: Well that is the big question isn’t it. As the folks who received the invitations had to do a bit of work, I certainly won’t just give it away here, though I will make it pretty easy. Below is a anagram which when descrambled will reveal the location. Hint, it is a state park about 20 miles East of Kingdom City.


See? Easy enough.

As mentioned, lunch on Saturday is potluck, so if you plan on eating, please bring something to share.

Allergies will be attending so pleas NO NUTs.

Water and restrooms are available at shelter where we’ll meet and the days activities will center around. It is labeled as ‘Picnic Shelter’ on the map you’ll find if you click HERE.

Camping is available and several are planning on camping Friday night and a good number will be staying over Saturday night. Campsites can be reserved. The campground has both electric and non-electric sites as well as showers and water. We have discussed trying to camp as a group and reserving sites close to one another. In order to do so I have reserved on site right in the middle and everyone else can build off it. When you do so please post a comment here as to which site you’ll be staying at so we can stay close together. I will be at campsite 34. A campground map can be found by clicking HERE.

Saturday night I am also hosting a Fire-Side Fajita Feast featuring my famous fajitas slow cooked over an open fire. I’m asking everyone who wants to partake in this culinary treat throw in $3 to help cover costs. Also, if you’re gonna eat fajitas, please let me know through a comment posted here so I have a rough idea of how many to plan on.

As of now, there is one contest I have running which will require your work prior to May 5th (though there will be many more running that day). The contest is to create some manner to indicate your logbook as yours during the big exchange. The exchanges are always chaos, so through this contest we’ll try and tame the beast. The idea is everyone will lay their logbooks around a table with something by the book to indicate whose book it is. Then we’ll be able to walk around the table and stamp into any books we haven’t stamped previously. So you book will be lying flat open, so don’t do something on the cover. Please make sure it clearly indicates your trail name, as that’s the whole point. We’ll judge this based on the most creative and the entry that most reflects the owner’s personality. Fabulous [prizes will be given away to the winners!

What’s the theme? Pirates! There is a specific book that by reading it prior to May 5th will not only help in some clues, but will also make the day much more engaging, but I won’t disclose the title so simply. I’ll post a picture which will require you to do a bit of leg work.
This will be a very kid friendly event, but due to the location close adult supervision will be required.

It looks as if we’ll have close to 50 attendees on Saturday.

Please be sure to come prepared for a full day of LB, meaning sturdy shoes, sunscreen, bug spray and so on.
Wow! That is some nutshell!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Also, if anyone has a clever idea they'd like to share, feel free to share it and we'll collaboarte on making it happen.



Lnd-Crzr said...

Lnd-Crzr will be in campsite 34 on Saturday night, though I had to reserve it for Friday night too.

Lnd-Crzr plans on eatting Fajitas.

ahistory said...

Ahistory will be just down the road at the beginning of the group of sites that has electricity in campsite 36. I will be camping on Friday by myself and my family will be joining me on Staurday.

And I too plan on eating Fajitas.

McMonkey Mom said...

The McMonkeys are booked at site number 33, right next door to lnd -crzr. We are camping Friday and Saturday nights. Three of us are eating fajitas. (I have one picky monkey in the house!) We will also be bringing some fun suprises for after dark!

rozebud said...

Does anyone have a little extra space on their campsite for one more tent? I promise, I don't take up much room...

I plan on eating many, many fajitas. Or one. Perhaps two. FWIW, I am cilantro-avoidant. (tastes like soap to me!) And I will bring something desserty to share.

Thanks again and again for all your hard work organizing this event - it promises to be the highlight of my month! :-D


rozebud said...
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Lnd-Crzr said...

CILANTRO-AVOIDANT?! How in the world will I be able to make my famous (in my own mind) Fajitas without cilantro? No problem. We'll take care of 'ya. Hmmm...Maybe a seperate batch? Anyone else have any avoidencess or allergies?

OneMeanGreenBean said...

OneMeanGreenBean will also be camping solo Friday night and with Drag-Along on Saturday. I'm in for fajitas and will bring guacamole. But beware cilantro avoiders: my guacamole is a virtual cilantro celebration. I'm not sure how to make it otherwise!

Perdu said...

The Duckland Gang (led by Perdu) will be next door to ahistory at Area-38, my husband uses a CPap machine to sleep, because we'll be in a tent.

Rosebud, I have never been there and do not know the layout, but if there is room then you are welcomed to it!

There are 5 in my party that will be contributing and eating Fajitas. I'll also be toting a taco soup (it'll be made thicker to eat as a dip) with tortilla chips. It is cilantro free.

rozebud said...

RE: Cilantro. Sorry; I don't mean to be difficult; apparently, I'm just a mutant like that. It really does taste like bitter, nasty soap to me - I can't imagine how anyone can eat it! Um, if you're not a mutant, what does it taste like? FWIW, El Burrito Loco here in St. Louis make the best guac in town, and if there is any cilantro in it, it's little enough that I don't taste it.

RE: Campsite - thanks, Perdu, I'll take you up on your offer. I just have me, myself and I, and my little two-person dome tent. Which I hope is still waterproof.

I SO can't wait - but it will be here before I know it, because April promises to be a BUSY BUSY month!

Perdu said...

You got it Rosebud. Could I get you to stamp your poem in my logbook?

Just love.

I'm so looking forward to this too!

Perdu said...

It's too bad one cannot edit these comments after posting.

I meant to say that I just love your poem Rosebud (the letterbox that you can't part with). I have it in my log book.

Jared said...

TipsyBard and Co. will be there! At least Friday night, and Saturday night if we can. We're at 32, and we're bringing our telescope!

My son's just started letterboxing with me, and loves pirates. Why did the pirate walk out of the movie? It wasn't rated 'Yaaaargh!'

rozebud said...

Hi Perdu - ROFL! Yeah, I agree - it's one of the flaws in the blogger set-up that one cannot edit one's comment after the fact.

I will of COURSE stamp the poem for you - it would be an honor! I'm surprised everyone likes it so well...and I wish I could be so clever when writing clues!

Lnd-Crzr said...

TipsyBard and Co. SO glad you'll make it. I've have always loved your Ever Fixed mark clue, though I've never gone after it.

Outdoor Girls said...

Outdoor Girls are camping Friday and Saturday. We reserved #44 - way in the back! But we will join you for fajitas Friday night. Right now it's just the two of us but Cleopatra may bring along a friend.

Fox-fyr said...

Regarding camping:
The website has a camping section in which you can view photos of each campsite as well as get additional details (size, slope, shade, etc).

Please do be aware that there are certain restrictions on hoe many people, camping units (tents, RVs etc) and vehicles are allowed per unit: An example is two tents and two vehicles are allowed on a regular site (and I think a maximum of six people). Since I don't own an RV or camper, I do not have all those rules memorized, but if you're camping, be sure to look up the rules to avoid aby problems--they should be available by clicking on the camping option from the home page.

FYI, I will bring my guitar and songsbooks and some "Know the Dark" activities (from one of my favorite interpretive programs). What's the moon supposed to be like that night?

McMonkey Mom said...

I was really hoping that someone would bring a guitar! You are right about the restrictions. The links that lnd-crzr provided in the post were VERY helpful when I reserved our site. i am feeling very piratey these days. Arrgh.. See ya soon mateys!

Perdu said...

...hmmm...just no one in particular....just out myself....

I wonder what book will be helpful to read... and when the picture will be posted…?

I supposed that it will be posted when it’s ready to be posted. …hmmm…that makes sense...

There wouldn’t be much point in posting a thing before it was ready to be posted, that might just make things confusing.

That’s why I’m just wondering, really, and not asking about it.

dragalong said...

Yum Yum fajitas! I will bring $3 and a dessert, probably brownies (without nuts of course!).