Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mid-Mo Letterboxer's trip into the Devil's Icebox Cave has been set for May 11 (time tentatively from 5:30 p.m. to about midnight). Special equipment and a fee of $25 is required.
See January 10 blog for details. I still have room for half a dozen or so more people so please contact me for details. If you'd told me that you're interested but you have not yet confirmed that you are actually going, please also contact ASAP me with a definite yes or no so that I can put you on the registration list and send you a pre-trip preparation packet.
The only people who have given me a definite yes are Touch Trek, Ahistory, and One Mean Green Bean. The tour needs four people minimum in order to go (including myself), and I can take a maximum of 10 participants plus myself. --Fox-fyr


Perdu said...

Is caving at night better? Just curious about the timing, is it to allow the group permission?

...gosh....I'm so nosey aren't I?

touchtrek said...

my but you are nosey!! smile. i dont mean to answer for fox-fyr...but i am online more often than she is...(i cant dance,grin) there are time constraints as to when we can lead trips that are not on the park schedule. fox-fyr is planning this one special for us...she is a fantastic leader, and the cave is beyond cool. personally, i love exiting the cave and marveling at the moon shining through the karst window. if it is a clear night, it really is spectacular. come join us!!!!

Perdu said...

Well...if you put it that way, I just might have to tag along.

If there is still room. I should have everything I need, but do need clarification on the non-cotton clothing...does that mean anything other than cotton or are we talking water-proof?

I am planning to attend the event the weekend before, so perhaps I can get directions and things then.

How do I sign up for this?

Fox-fyr said...

Clothing does not have to be waterproof. I recommend polypropylene, neoprene, capilene, nylon (pretty much anything synthetic.

As far as caving at night, the cave is dark day or night ;) and the temperature is constant. The reason we have to go at night is that the truck that pulls the canoe trailer is used by park staff during the day and is only available at night.
I will e-mail you with more info.

McMonkey Mom said...

Fox fyr- My email is acting weird lately. Did you get my message about my husband for the cave trip? He wants to go but I have to work and cannot go.. He needs info and you will need payment. Thanks!

Fox-fyr said...

Dear McMonkey Mom,
No I had not gotten your email about the Icebox but when I tried to e-mail you about something else, it bounced back. I will reserve a spot for your husband and have sent you another e-mail about the trip. If we still have trouble communicating by e-mail, try calling me via Rock Bridge State Park: 573-449-7402.

Fox-fyr said...

McMonkey family: your e-mail keeps bouncing back every time I try to send it. You may wish to call me.