Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Gathering Update

The response has been wonderful in regards to the spring gathering. It looks to be an enormous crowd with many coming in from out of town and a good many who have never been to one of our gatherings.

I just checked the camping reservation system and it appears the whole campground is available on our date. Invitations will be going out soon. As Fox-Fyr suggested, it might be fun to get a block of campsites together. Let’s do a bit of coordination once the location is disclosed.

I’m also considering hosting a ‘Fire-Side Fajita Feast’ featuring my famous chicken fajitas on Saturday night, if everyone is willing to chip in a few bucks to help cover expenses. OneMeanGreenBean has also volunteered to bring her celebrated Guacamole. Let me know if there’s interest and I’ll formalize the plan.



ahistory said...

Great idea Ron. Let me know how you want to coordinate this. Since I will be there on Friday night, I was looking to reserve a campsite with electric for both Friday and Saturday.
I can go ahead and reserve a spot, just let me know what section or area would be best. I am not sure how to book groups at state park so if we do it that way let me know what to do and I'll do it.
I'm looking forward to it.

Perdu said...

I'll need electric, too, if possible for my husband's C-Pap machine, and we plan to be there Friday and Saturday nights in a tent.

Would love to contribute to the fajita fund and I'll bring my famous taco soup (which I'll make thicker for a dip) with tortilla chips.

Also, like the idea of camping near the group.

I'm looking forward to this, too!!!

rozebud said...

Hi Ron,

FINALLY remembered to check the blog, looking for info on the upcoming event.

I'll gladly chip in for food, but I don't think I'll be in a position to make anything myself - it's going to be a hectic April, leading into an even more hectic May! So I'm really looking forward to a weekend of spectacular boxing with you and yours!

I may, however, bring a couple/few pounds of Dad's Old Fashioned Scotch Oatmeal Cookies. Can I get a "Yum"? :-D

Shhh! I think you said something about something regarding the mystery do I get in on that?

Also, just FYI - I don't know yet if I'll arrive Friday night or Saturday morning, but I'll have my tent and sleeping bag. Please keep me in mind if you are reserving campsites! I'll be a solo act - somehow, Mike is less than enthusiastic about another entire weekend of LBing! :-p

Tell the locals I said "Hi!" and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


Fox-fyr said...

I plan on tent camping on Saturday night but not Friday (there's a contradance Friday night in Columbia). I think Lnd-Crzr plans on mailing invitations out soon and revealing the locations so simply stay tuned.

McMonkey Mom said...

YAY! just got my schedule for May and will be able to be there bothe nights. I can't wait!