Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Favorite Music PLBRing Up-Date

Greetings fellow music enthusiast!

For those of you who signed upfor the Favorite Music postal Letterbox Ring, you’re wait is near its end. I have just sent out e-mails containing your one ‘Mail To’ address, which you will be mailing your FM PLB an all-subsequent FM PLBs you receive to.

If you have not received this e-mail and you think you should have, e-mail me pronto.

Please remember, each PLB will contain at least three songs which are required listening. Despite the stories of bleeding ears caused by being forced to listen to (insert bad music here), please do listen to at least these three.

One other little item. I had opened it to twelve and have told several of you that twelve pages should be enough well I was wrong. As it turns out, 13 have made it onto the list. Come on now! Embrace the chaos!

Please contact me if any problems arise, and thanks to all who jumped into this project.



ahistory said...

Since I am new to postals I have a pretty basic question.

Is there a way to track and record postals on either LBNA or atlasquest?


Fox-fyr said...

You should be able to select the "Travelers" option on LBNA's homepage, and when you go through the process for listing what type of traveller it is, "postal LB" should be an option. I believe the same is true of Atlasquest. People can then log their finds the same way they do with hitchhikers and going to the travelers page and searching for the box either by box name or placer, etc.

I have not yet listed my PLB but will soon.

ahistory said...

Thanks Fox-fyr, I knew there must be some way to track them. I guess I need to list mine as well.


Lnd-Crzr said...

LBNA is pretty good. As the person who originated the Ring I could have done a thing on AQ where everyone registers their PLB and record their finds on a chart. But I figured most folks aren't hitting AQ much, so I figured we'd track them simply via e-mails, if folks choose to do so.


McMonkey Mom said...

I'm not in this but I got to peek at a logbook of someone who is. Fleetwood Mac rocks!