Monday, March 26, 2007

A flavorful favor

This isn't truly box related and more of a selfish indulgence (though there is a special stamp in it for any lucky ones). this is just a brief reminder that the morel mushroom season is upon us.
So if you are out boxing and happen to see any of the little spongelike jewels, please do me a favor. Take a few moments to note the general location (rocky slopes, creek bottoms, etc) and any plants and especially trees that are growing nearby the mushrooms (especially if you stumble across a nice patch). Drop me an email letting me know. I am not interested in the exact location though if you decide not to pick them please include this (Can't have any of the little guys going to waste).
I am more interested in the places they are popping up this year so I can refine my own hunting spots. Of course, anyone who provides information will be rewarded in true letterbox fashion.
Thanks for your time and your help, perhaps with a little luck I can find enough morels to bring some to the Spring fling in May.


Jenny J said...

Wow, this was a timely post! I just came back in from hiking our woods, wondering if the little tidbits might be up. Didn't find any morels yet but there were Dutchmen's Breeches and Spring Beauty blooming, with Trout Lily soon to be in bloom. Oh, and a tick rode back to the house on my jeans. A tip in Bird Watchers Digest suggested carrying one of those roller-type lint removers on hikes to pick up any of the pesky critters after your hike. I'm going to invest in one!
Back to the morels - more rain is on the way, so let's hope that they'll soon be popping up!

Susanne said...

Help me find a letter box!!

I'm going to be driving through Columbia on my way back home to Seattle WA.

I'm going to try to find one at Stephen's Lake park.

Do you know of any others that might be @ the Woodridge Park or American Post Legion 202 Park. They are both seem near to the hotel I'll be staying at.


Fox-fyr said...

If you e-mail me through LBNA, I would be happy to direct you to some easy boxes fairly close to your location.--Fox-fyr