Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blog membership update

If you have been participating in our virtual community but find you can only post to the blog via "comments," here is an invitation.

Send a note with your real name, your trail name, the town you call home and your email address to I will send a Blogger invitation to you that, if you answer within three days, allows you to post in the normal manner.

You will be required to register at first. This establishes a "dashboard" for you listing all the blogs you create or with which you are affiliated. Each blog on the dashboard has a button that allows you to craft a new post.

Any member of the blog can also post photographs to the blog. To do so, you just click on the small icon that looks like a picture. Then you choose a photograph or piece of artwork from your hard drive. Any photo will work, but huge photos take forever to upload (the trick is to change the resolution to 72 dpi if you can). Once the photo is on your page, you can drag it around to where you want it. Here is an example.

Links are similar. Highlight a word you want to become a link, then click on the little icon shaped like a chain, type or paste in the URL. The link word now becomes blue. You can do this to link to a Flickr gallery, for instance.

Note that while all letterboxers are welcome at the table, this blog is primarily for those of use who ply our hobby in Mid Missouri. But if another cluster wants to set up a blog, let me know and I will help. The other administrator who has the same ability to add folks and delete untoward posts is Lnd-Crzr.



Lnd-Crzr said...

A quick word about spoilers. Letterboxing doesn’t have any real hard and fast rules, but there is some etiquette which should be followed, such as proper re-hideation and not giving ‘spoilers’. A spoiler is anything that would take the ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment away from someone. This could be any number of things. For instance, if I posted the de-coded clue to someone else’s box, that would be a spoiler. If I posted a picture of another Letterboxer that no one had met yet and gave both their real name and trail name that could be a spoiler. So when you’re posting things, please keep in mind how much you enjoyed your ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment and preserve it for others.


ahistory said...

A well said reminder, Lnd-Crzr, though I would like to add one thing being a sociologist.

Spoiler is a very relative term and what one person sees as a rather benign photo may be interpreted by someone else as a spoiler. Also, I know I feel differently about different boxes. Like some boxes I want all to share so I might not mind a spoiler or two to encourage more finders. Yet other boxes I want to keep very special only to be known by those who have earned my trust.

So, I try to follow one simple step, to avoid making such a faux paux. I always contact the person in the photo or the owner of the box/clue pictured, sending them the photo to review and approve prior to posting. This can avoid any unintentional misunderstandings and embarrassment.

Bean-Lover said...


Just watned to say hi. I have joined the Mid Mo LB blog. My family and I have been letterboxing and wanted to join in the festivities.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Welcome! Welcome! Are you local to Mid-MO?