Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Box Maintenance Update

Just FYI, I hope to by the end of next week have all of my boxes pulled for flooding back in place. Currently, Burr Oak (part of the Katy Trail Series), Torbett Springs and Wild Mushroom #3 have yet to be replanted.

Also, I was driving by Charlotte today and noticed she was completely missing her top. I am not sure how, but the top suffered some minor damage and would not fit properly in place causing it to fall off completely exposing the logbook and stamp. Talk about in plain sight, geez. Luckily no one had taken anything, and I was able to retrieve it all. I hope to fix the broken top and have her back in place by the weekend in case our guests were planning to visit her. In the mean time, if you drive by and notice that Charlotte has no top, do not be alarmed, she is safe for now.


McMonkey Mom said...

I got a new trail bike for Mother's Day and have been anxiously awaiting the return of these boxes. Thanks for the update!

nugglebugs said...

All I can say about Charlotte is "wow"! I simply can't believe everything was still there. It's amazing to me that the box has lasted this long, but just bears witness to the craftiness of her creator. I'm impressed every time we drive by.

Fox-fyr said...

Here's another amazing story. For those of you who know where "Oracle" is, you should be suitably impressed. Apparently her hiding location just got a coat of fresh paint and so did the letterbox. They painted right over it, presumably without noticing it. Talk about proper re-hideation. If you haven't found this box yet, it's well worth your time...although I believe the logbook is currently full.

ahistory said...

Quick update. Wild mushroom #3 is back in place. Though I would wait until we have a few weeks of dry weather. The mud left behind from the flood is thick and very very sticky. Also the mosquitoes are incredibly thick. I had to wear my jacket with the hood up to replant it. Looks like the spot the box went under about 1 1/2 feet of water which swept away the original log holding her down. the clue was re-edited slightly.

In sad news, my Blue Springs Bluegull box has gone missing. I left a reward notice in its spot, but I doubt anything will come of it. Did manage to rescue the bonus box, so not all was lost.

I hope to plant the remaining Katy boxes this week. Have to fix a flat tire on my bike first.

ahistory said...

All boxes are back in place except Charlotte who is awaiting repair but should return shortly.