Thursday, May 24, 2007

LB's in Jeff City

My family and I were worried that there were no LB's in Jefferson City. So we planted four at Binder Lake. This is our first experience at planting. We are so excited and have planned where else we can put LB's in order to bring some of the action south of the river. You will have to check South Eastern Mo in order to view Cole county.

I also wanted to say thanks to LND-CRZR for answering my many questions about making and placing the boxes. We hope you all enjoy the series.



ahistory said...

Excellent news, I often travel to Jeff for work. I have been hoping some boxes would start showing up down there.
I look forward to my next trip.

queenbusick said...

GREAT! I have often wondered why none were there! When we travel 'home' it would be nice to stretch our legs and have some LB fun!

Our family is secretly 'worried' about how few are at the Lake of the Ozarks - esp since that's where we are from!! hint hint series by fall - hopefully!!

Lnd-Crzr said...

Just printed your clues. They look great! The boy and I are already planning a trip over. A combination trip of LB and the Runge, what more could a couple fellas ask for?


Fox-fyr said...

I think I will spend my summer creating boxes for outside the Boone/Callaway area. There are a lot of state parks I need to hit for the Trails of the Month program and I would love to plant a few more while out hunting for those trails.
See and select the Trail of the Month icon for more details about that program.