Sunday, May 06, 2007

Photos, me shipmates!

What more could you ask for? Pleasant weather, even more pleasant company and great grub. Oh yea, and letterboxing!

The pirate-themed Mid-Mo Spring 2007 Gathering at Graham Caves State Park was as rollicking as any scurvy tar could imagine. Lot's of eye patches, scarves and "arrrgh." And the kids were dressed up, too.

Captn' Ron del LndCrzr plotted the course with his usual skill, sending teams of scallywags tromping through the forest in search of his pieces of eight (well, eight treasure boxes anyway). Then he topped that by demonstrating he was even better at cooking fajitas than carving stamps. That's powerful praise, indeed.

Here are a few pictures the I snapped. More are in a gallery you can see by clicking here. The captions (click the middle of a photo) are a bit unclear, but I'm sure you will correct me.

The Clyde half of C2B2


Jared said...

Thanks for a wonderful gathering! It was great meeting everyone, if ever so briefly.

Sorry to have skipped town so quickly, but it turned out to be a good move. Our son had a 103 temperature by the time we got home!

But that's what you get for mingling with pirates.

Grace to You said...

Just wanted to add my thanks to everyone who organized, participated in, brought food for, or otherwise helped out at the gathering this was so great! And thanks to the one in particular who contributed the prizes in the piratey take-out boxes...I'm looking forward to trying out the Dick Blick carving material, and I was delighted to get a green ink dot - thanks. :)
I'll upload pics to our flickr acct asap and post a link here.

Perdu said...

My thanks, also, to Ron for the work that went into this gathering (and the delicious cookout Saturday night). Thanks also to FoxFyr for all that you contributed, as well! Oh, and let's not forget McMonkeyMom for lighting up the night for cool was that.

Oh, the camp hostess told us on Sunday that she really enjoyed the group that camped across from her! Wasn't that nice of her to say?

And to all that I was able to put faces with trail names, it was great to meet you and thank you for a great time.

OK, so it took me two days to complete a one day event, but I did it (all nine boxes/ all eight stamps)!

I've added some pix to my blog here, if anyone's interested. Just click on my name and you'll see my blog link.

Perdu said...

Since I cannot modify my earlier comment, I am posting another.

I have removed my blog from public view, for the time being, at least. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Most of it was just me babbling to myself anyway, but there are also some pictures I had taken this weekend at the event which I did not have permission to post.

Again, I apologize.

ahistory said...

If ye missed this here affair, tis a shame. I, fer one, am e'er in the debt of the fine gentlemen and ladies who contributed to the melle and food and drink.
And to the Captain of the lot, who steered us clear of rocks and lunatics, me hats off to ye. I n'er had better a night, uncoverin ye booty as er moon hang high. That's how I became a pirate.

Lnd-Crzr said...

WELL SAID! Well 'ye be gracin' us louts who chose to stay in our hammocks whilst you and McMonkey's mom went about adventurin' and what not?

Certainly such daring and bravery desreves Rock Star status!


McMonkey Mom said...

T'e best booty was to be found under the low hanging moon. Thanks to ahistory for steering us a clear course. A grand time fer sure! Pro'lly the best of the day fer me! A yo-ho-ho to Fox Fyr for the after dark activities too!

Grace to You said...

Did ye know there be a Talk Like a Pirate Day? It be September 19...mark yer calendars, you scurvy dogs. Arrr

OneMeanGreenBean said...

Wow, that was some adventure indeed! I send my thanks to all who made it happen as well, and to all who participated and made it such a fun hunt. Special thanks, of course, goes out to Lnd-Crzr for hiding the loot, fixin' the grub, and reading us all a bedtime story at days end. Thanks also to Fox-Fyr for some great night time "programming". And since I'm not nearly so eloquent in Pirate-speak as some of our commrades, I'll simply say this...good times, good times.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Ah, the bedtime story. My first mate and I have enjoyed the book for a long time and I always thought it would be fun to have a motley crew to say the lines f the crew. Thanks to you who played the part.

queenbusick said...

I have deep gratitude for Lnd-Crzr for his super genius LB powers. Thank you for giving me one of the best & relaxing days I've had in a long time. Nothing better than being in the woods with ink & clues...

And if yer ever lookin' for a bottle of rum...ya know who to ask at a gatherin' ;-)

Lnd-Crzr said...

I must say I GREATLY enjoyed seeing folks walk walk out of the woods mid-afternoon, all hot and dusty from the days hunt and offer them a cold refreshment. Faces actually Lite up when I ofefred a cold bottle from my own treasure chest. Certainly they were well earned and well enjoyed.


Lnd-Crzr said...

Great pix! I'm glad you got several while out on the trail. Perdu has some great shots of the natural wonders of the park. Hey perdu, mind posting those directly onto the blog for folks to see?


Perdu said...

I will try to do that when I get home tonight (that's where the pictures are).

Do I have access to add a post on this blog or were you referring to posting them somewhere else?

Perdu said...

I can only post comments on this blog, but I'll e-mail you some of the pictures today and you can put them up if you like.