Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gathering Tips and Reminders

Here's a few last-minutes tips and reminders to review before the Gathering.

SPEEDING: Don't speed when you reach the park. The posted speed limit in the park is only 20 mph. The park ranger has been known to issue speeding tickets to a vanful of nuns traveling less than 5mph over the speed limit (I'm not kidding!) and has even stopped park staff for the same reason.

CAVE TOUR: If you're signed up for the Letterboxing Devil's Icebox Wild Cave Tour May 11, don't forget to bring your $25 and all your gear so that I can look at it (this includes three lights including at least one headlamp; several layers of non-cotton clothing; footwear with ankle support and traction; a daypack; spare batteries; and anything else you are thinking of bringing). So far, the people I have scheduled for the trip include Ahistory, One Mean Green Bean, Touch Trek, Mr. McMonkey, E-volution, and possibly Drag-a-Long for Fun and Lnd-Crzr. Anyone else interested needs to contact me ASAP at difxofire@hotmail.com and see details about the tour at www.mostateparks.com/rockbridge.cave.htm.

I'm bringing a guitar and my copy of "Rise Up Singing." If anyone else has copies of the songbook (or similar songbooks) or other appropriate musical instruments (no grand pianos, please), please feel free to bring them. I'm also bringing some night activity surprises for after dark.

FIREWOOD: In an effort to stop the spread of invasive species such as the emerald ash borer and gypsy moths, Missouri State Parks has requested that campers either purchase wood as locally as possible for campfires or, if bringing their own, to burn everything they bring and quickly so that any insects that might travel with the wood do not escape into the park.

Steer a clear course! --Fox-fyr

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