Friday, May 18, 2007

Short Notice Mini-Meet

Certainly everyone has had time to repack their cutlasses and eye patches, and posisbly heal a few bumps and brusies from a weekend of swashbuckeling!

I (and possibly others) have recently been contacted by an out of state LB crew who will be in Columbia June 1 thorugh June 4. They'll be boxing away, but I also wanted to throw out the opportunity for a min-meet and greet in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Date will be June 2nd, 12 noon at the devil's Ice Box parking lot of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park in Columbia. Just look for signs 'o pirates.

This is a great way to see a log book from another area and since there won't be the traditional gathering boxing business, it might also prove an excellent opportunity to browse through some local log books that you haven't had a chance to see yet.

If there's enough interest, we'll make this a potluck luncheon. And who knows...I may have a few surprises up my sleeves. Wasn't there something about a '2nd Year Anniversary, 100th box Planted and celebration of Friends Quest' mentioned a few months ago?

If you think you can make it, even just stop in for a few minutues, please post a comment below.



Grace to You said...

Wow, sounds like fun...wish we could join you! We'll be letterboxing in Maine that weekend. The town we're staying in only has 2 or 3 boxes, but the region has over 300...and it's a small state. Wish us luck! :)

queenbusick said...

I sm voting for lunch on the 3rd - let the folks box for a whole day and treat them to lunch on the second? Too cool!

Lnd-Crzr said...

Actually I think I'll set it up for Saturday the 2nd, 12 noon at the Devil's Ice Box parking lot. Just look for signs 'o pirates.


OneMeanGreenBean said...

I should be able to make it...and I bet I can convince Drag-Along to be drug along again (though really, there's not much dragging necessary anymore). There are several boxes in those hills I haven't hit yet, so that might be the perfect opportunity to chat and root out a few older boxes. Sounds great!

ahistory said...

Im in just tell me when, where and what to bring.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Great to see a few can make it! Saturday the 2nd, 12 noon, DIB parking lot i Rock bridge. Look for signs o' pirates.

Lets go ahead and make it a potluck. Any reason is a good reason for good grub.

I'll make certain that a new W&G is put back where they belong for those of you who have finished the series, but couldn't make the rescue becasue someone had abscounded the boys.


Clyde Bentley said...

That's a very busy weekend for us, as we had earlier plans for both Art in the Park and the Scott Joplin Festival. Give them our best.

OneMeanGreenBean said...

Oh, Art in the Park! That might be a fun festival to mention to out-of-towners since there are several letterboxes in that area also.

Fox-fyr said...

I have plans to be dancing at Art-in-the-Park at 4 p.m. with the Central Missouri Celtic Arts Association but I'll join you at noon for 'boxing and grub. Home Tweet Home should be back up and running (hangin?) by then.