Monday, May 21, 2007

New LB Family

Just wanted to introduce my family to the group. There is my husband aka Turbo, and myself Bean-Lover, and our two daughters Shorty and Tadpole. We started letter boxing last year but only found 1 of the 5 boxes we were looking for. So we tried again this year with better luck. We have found most of the Fav Books (both series) and Scooby Doo series. Since we travel regularly we have been looking for boxes in other areas as well. We have also been lucky enough to find hitchhikers and cuckoo clues too. That was pretty exciting.

We will be busy for the June gathering but look forward to a gathering in the future.


McMonkey Mom said...

Welcome to the area! We are the "hot spot" for LBing in Mid Mo. Hope to see you all on the trail AND at gatherings!

Jenny J said...

Just wanted to second Mcmonkey Mom's welcome and wish you many good LB adventures!

OneMeanGreenBean said...

Another hearty welcome from me! Love the name, there Bean-Lover. Appearantly legumes and letterboxing just seem to go together. Not sure why that is exactly.

Bean-Lover said...

Well I sorry to break it to you but, while I love green beans, the name refers to the coffee type.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Welcome! Welcome! My intent w/ the FB series was to provide good hunts for families with youngsters and to introduce all folks to some of our favorite books. From comments recieved, it seems to be working.

May your family have many grand 'Ah-Ha!' moments in your hunts!


Perdu said...

Welcome, if you are interested in events there are a couple coming up in September. Saturday, Sept. 15 in the KC, MO area at Loose Park ( and Sun, Sept. 23 in St. Louis, The B Hunters have a post here with a link to information. Both of the events are in Missouri (though each on opposite sides of the state) and in September, so you'll have time to plan.

You will probably see some of the same and some new faces at both events since we fringe elements have kind of adopted the Mid-Mo Group as a learning/support/home base kind of thing.

Again, welcome!

Lnd-Crzr said...

You fringe element folks! We love 'ya!

I have always been surprised how there has traditionaly been little LB action in the big cities vs. the feverish pace of Mid-MO. I'm glad to see that both metro areas have wonderful budding communitites, lead by dedicated and skillful folks.


OneMeanGreenBean said... beans. Much more tasty in my opinion than green beans, so I'm with you. But onemeancoffeebean just didn't have the same ring, and lacks a little bit of the cuteness. Anybody that knows me, knows I'm all about cuteness. But I digress...welcome, and I hope you have many caffiene fueled successful hunts!