Thursday, May 10, 2007

Post Gatherin' Argh! Argh! Arghs!

From comments made it appears everyone had a grand time at Mid-MO’s 3rd annual spring gathering. It was wonderful to see old friends again and equally wonderful to meet so many new . If only there was more time to simply chat and down nice cold root-beer.

So many things to say and people to thank, but for now, let me just say thanks to EVERYONE who came and made the day such a fun event. I’ve said it often and continue to say it, Mid-MO is indeed a world class LB community. A friendlier more creative group would be hard to find.

I’ve loaded a batch of pictures onto my flickr account. To go there, simply click HERE. A word about viewing the pix as a slideshow; for some reason it does something strange at about the 30th picture, it loops back. So as you’re watching be aware when a white prompt appears above the pictures asking if you wish to continue (or something to that affect). Click yes and the slideshow will continue.

With me best pirate voice,'Ye all deserve an extra draw from the root-beer keg!


Jenny J said...

Thanks for putting up all the pics, LndCrzr and C2B2! Looks like it was a fine gathering with lots of high adventure. Could almost smell those fajitas!

McMonkey Mom said...

Thanks, especially, for all the hard work you did so everyone else could enjoy the day. I hope you liked YOUR chocolates! ;)

Lnd-Crzr said...

Indeed! thanks for the chocolates. tahnks to EVERYONE who brought prizes to be given away, entered into the contest, the folks who made/brought the Jolly Rogers and certainly to those folks who brought little gifts for the boy and I. Though much to my root-beer. Don'tcha know the capin' likes his root-beer?

A grand time and a GRAND bunch of folks!


Grace to You said...

Ye be losing yer touch, Lnd-Crzr...there be in yer possession somethin' better 'n ale of any sort....