Monday, May 07, 2007

Fast heels and high water

Just a quick heads up, as several of you have been nice enough to warn me, the Big Muddy and its many tributaries are projected to breach their banks later this week due to past and predicted rainfall. So instead of resting up from a wonderful activity filled gathering weekend, I had to race out and pull a few of my boxes to avoid them being washed down to the Gulf. If you plan on hunting any of my boxes in the near future, please check LBNA that day before heading out.

So far, I have only pulled Sadako which was totally submersed but managed to survive yesterday's flash flood. I also grabbed my Wild Mushroom #3 which was only 2 foot from the rushing water. I may need to pull a few others if the projections get any higher. I will put everything back in place, once this threat has diminished.


Lnd-Crzr said...

Glad you rescued Sadako. It would have been a real shame for it to go missing. Highly recommended by Lnd-Crzr.

McMonkey Mom said...

Especially after the acapella song by firelight from Fox-Fyr Saturday evening.

touchtrek said...

I have pulled the bonus to the Great Spirit box.

FYI there may be opportunities to help sandbag in Rocheport and Huntsdale.

Further FYI floods like this are tragic for small businesses. Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale recently changed ownership (the store is now separate from the camping facility)they have a great selection of drinks and sundries. The Trail Side Cafe/Bike rental is under new ownership as well. The bike operation is run by the same guys, but the kitchen has some new and yummy food! I can personally attest to the pulled pork sandwich, the chicken quesadillas...(oh, and the ice cream cones). If you are so inclined, support the local businesses. Let's hope that with the increase in wetlands and farmland since the 93 flood, that Big Muddy will have more elbow room and not feel the need to inhabit our riverside towns so disastrously.

ahistory said...

I went out and volunteered today. Not because it was the only way I could access that section of the trail (which is now closed)to retrieve my boxes, but because its the right thing to do. If you have a chance they can really use all the help they can get.
As for now, I have pulled almost every box in my WOM Katy Trail series in addition to the others. I will let everyone know when they are replaced.

The Scorp said...

The heavy storms of the past few weeks has brought other dangers to boxes also. I had to take the Dude Abides letterbox out of service this past week. I went to check on it and found that the tree it was in had been struck by lightning. The box was plastic and had melted shut and the log book was compleatly destroyed. Some how though the rubber stamp and the paper towel it was wrapped in were not damaged at all. It seems Mother Nature can really do a number on our little sport.