Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alley Cat clues alive and well

After a few LB last Wed, we came across the cuckoo clue to Alley Cat. I just wanted to encourage you to go after this little cuckoo if you haven't already. The kitty loves to have visitors, but first you have to find the little birdie to tell you how to get there! What was exciting was that my family took the clues out to Fulton in January and glad to see it was back in Boone Co this week! Whoever finds it next will need to make some copies, so please give the little cuckoo the TLC it needs!

Also, we found two boxes lying exposed, so a friendly reminder to keep doing your best - I am certain it's the elements and curious non-LB'rs leaving things wide open.

Have a great weekend full of boxing!

1 comment:

Bean-Lover said...

I have these clues but just haven't been able to get out. It's at the top of my list